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Kathryn Martin in 'Pitlochry Festival Theatre'


Kathryn has started rehearsing for this year's 'Pitlochry Festival Theatre Season'

Jared Fortune in 'Proximus'


Jared Fortune stars in this commercial for 'Proximus' airing in Belgium

Arina Ii in 'Avenue Q'


Arina Ii has started rehearsing for the role of 'Christmas Eve' in the 'Avenue Q UK Tour', which kicks off in Colchester on the 21st April 

Hannah Dean in 'Wickes'


Check out Hannah Dean in this commercial for 'Wickes'

Patrick Connolly in 'FBD Insurance'


Watch Patrick Connolly in this 'FBD Insurance' commercial for Ireland

Gavin Ashbarry in 'Starlight Express'


Gavin Ashbarry is off to Germany to reprise the role of Dustin in 'Starlight Express'

Zack Stringer in 'Avengers Power Up!'


Catch Zack Stringer in this commercial for 'Avengers Power Up' 

Sally Bankes in 'Pompidou'


Sally Bankes popped up in 'Pompidou' on Sunday, Matt Lucas's brand new comedy on BBC Two