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Gavin Ashbarry in 'giffgaff'


Here is a Halloween treat for you, catch Gavin Ashbarry in this spooky commercial for 'giffgaff' (just don't let him catch YOU!)

Gavin Molloy in 'O2'


Gavin Molloy stars in this new commercial for 'O2' #BeMoreDog

John J. Moore


Our lovely John, who has been with Galloways for many years, sadly passed away last week aged 86. He brightened up many a Christmas commercial, including this one for Milka, which he shot a few years ago.

Jaydon Harris-Wallace in 'Doctor Who'


Tune into BBC One this Saturday to see Jaydon Harris-Wallace as Samson in 'Doctor Who' 

Tom Taylor in 'Casualty'


Tune into BBC One this weekend to catch Tom Taylor playing Tristan Matthews in 'Casualty'

Alan Bayer in 'New Tricks'


Tune into BBC One tonight to catch Alan Bayer in 'New Tricks' at 9pm 

Josh Alward in 'BNP Paribas'


Watch Josh Alward in this commercial for 'BNP Paribas'

Ryan Gibb in 'The Commitments'


Ryan Gibb continues in 'The Commitments' 

Hannah Dean in 'Ikea'


Catch Hannah Dean in this 'Ikea' commercial for France